About us

Quality, ethics, and passion

Distinguish the women and men of Xartedesign. Our company was founded way back in ... under the name of Musa Italia Spa. When eventually the eagerness to innovate and the desire for greater efficiency became an urgent need, the change was natural. What did we keep? Design research in the culture of relaxation. Creation, choice of materials, manufacturing, and construction processes follow an ideal path guided by the desire to experiment without an inclination for excess and with constant attention to the principles of quality and ergonomics.

Technological innovation

For us at Xartedesign, quality is a matter of accuracy, measurement, and detail, which is why we use high-precision machines that guarantee the optimization and control over all production phases; but it is the experience of the artisan workforce that makes the difference. The Alta Murgia district we work in is a special area for the world of furniture and is full of specialised workers who possess the competence that has been handed down from generation to generation and makes our product unique and inimitable.

Selection of quality materials

The choice of excellent materials is the base of every new project. An unmistakable and unique style, able to combine every shape with the poetry of colour and the material of the fabric. Each collection has its own design nature down to the smallest detail.

Customized projects

Xartedesign is ‘tailored’ design. The artistic direction entrusted to the studio of designer Giovanni Pesce uses different aesthetic languages that are able to meet the different needs of the public. Our added value is the possibility to choose from a vast and refined textile catalogue, giving the end customers the opportunity to truly customise their choice completely.

Xartedesign: a contemporary vision of innovation that offers new opportunities for your lifestyle

Our research never stops because the idea of living is constantly evolving. We move together with you, with your way of living and customising your homes.

A valuable, all-Italian identity. An all-Italian success story.